Shelltube is a Youtube client for Powershell. No login or authentication is required. Just type what you want to listen to and Shelltube will play it for you.

Convert your notes into flashcards. Enter your notes manually or copy/paste them into the text box field. Flashcards will be created for lines containing a dash ' - '. The left half will be the term and the right half is the definition.

Concord is a service used to stream your music that you have stored on SkyDrive

Shellit is a Reddit client for PowerShell. Simply run it without any parameters and you will be prompted to login (optional).

Easy Uploader is an application that will let you upload images to multiple sites at the same time.
Easy Uploader also gives you the option of uploading images to a specific album. It currently supports Facebook, Imgur, Twitter, Tumblr, and Dropbox.

Users are able to add multiple addresses to their route. Chauffeur will then optimize the route to minimize the amount of time spent driving. Users are then be navigated through their route via Google Navigation. You can import addresses from your Google Calendar, Google Contacts, CSV files. This app is an implementation of the Travelling Salesman problem (TSP).

This application allows you to convert from grams, moles, or atoms, into both of the other two. For example: you can choose 2 moles of Oxygen. After pressing convert, you will have 2 moles of Oxygen converted in grams and atoms.