Emojirades - Emojis + charades word game

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Emojirades is a daily word game that combines emojis with charades. Players are shown 3 emojis and have to guess the word.

Current Time UTC - Minimalist time zone converter

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Current Time UTC is a minimalist time zone converter that shows the current time in UTC and allows users to convert to other time zones simultaneously. Once time zones are added, the page can be bookmarked so users don’t have to add multiple time zones each time.

Clippy - Vod index for Ortopilot

Clippy is an index of Ortopilot’s Vod’s. Ortopilot is a musician who streams on Twitch. Link to his channel

Link to site

GoodPlates - Minimalist recipe website

Good Plates is a minimalist recipe website that removes choice paralysis by showing a single recipe at a time to users based on their preferences.

The frontend is written in Typescript and hosted on Netlify. The backend leverages API Gateway and AWS Lambda for routing requests. The recipes are stored in a custom B-Tree implementation on top of DynamoDB.

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Play Along - Guitar chords / tabs lookup

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Play Along is a small, compact Chrome extension that is activated when you listen to music on YouTube. Once the YouTube video is loaded, Play Along will search Ultimate Guitar for the corresponding chords and tabs. If no match is found, clicking on the “Chords” and “Tabs” buttons will open up the search page in Ultimate Guitar.

In addition to Ultimate Guitar, users also have the option of navigating to the Chordify page.

Rebound - Multi-tasking Android game

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Rebound is a game with multi-colored balls bouncing around. By playing this game, you will improve your ability to multi-task and focus on multiple things at once.

How to play

All balls will have a number on them. When balls bounce against the wall, that number will decrease. When the ball value has gone down to one, you must press on one of the four wall quadrants to let the ball through. Only balls with a value of one will go through the wall. If a quadrant is pressed for any other ball, the game is over. If the quadrant is not pressed when the value is one, the game is over.

One-balls will change colors as your score goes up. The difficulty ramps up pretty quickly and keeping track of multiple balls can be challenging.

Thanks for playing this game. Please feel free to send me any questions or feedback. Best of luck!

Shelltube - Youtube client for Powershell

Shelltube is a Youtube client for Powershell. No login or authentication is required. Just type what you want to listen to and Shelltube will play it for you.

Link to repository

Notecard - Minimalist flashcard app

Convert your notes into flashcards. Enter your notes manually or copy/paste them into the text box field. Flashcards will be created for lines containing a dash ’ - ‘. The left half will be the term and the right half is the definition.

Link to service

Concord - Stream music from OneDrive

Concord is a service used to stream your music that you have stored on SkyDrive.

Link to service

Shellit - Reddit client for Powershell

Shellit is a Reddit client for PowerShell. Simply run it without any parameters and you will be prompted to login (optional).

Link to repository

Chauffeur - Traveling salesman implementation

Chauffeur is an Android app that allows users to add multiple addresses to their route. Chauffeur will then optimize the route to minimize the amount of time spent driving. Users are then be navigated through their route via Google Navigation. You can import addresses from your Google Calendar, Google Contacts, CSV files. This app is an implementation of the Travelling Salesman problem (TSP).

Edit: This app is no longer on the Google Play Store

Element Converter - Periodic table conversion app

Element Converter is an Android app that allows you to convert from grams, moles, or atoms, into both of the other two. For example: you can choose 2 moles of Oxygen. After pressing convert, you will have 2 moles of Oxygen converted in grams and atoms.

Edit: This app is no longer on the Google Play Store